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Fourth Week in Ordinary Time Thursaday

Hebrews 12:18-19, 21-24  Ps 48:2-4, 9-11  Mark 6:7-13

USCCB Podcast of the Readings:

Today’s Inspirational Snippet: We really have nothing to worry about, because God is worthy of our trust.

When the Israelites reached Mt. Sinai in the Exodus, they were not permitted to come near even the approaches to the mountain. Only Moses was permitted to go up the mountain. Moses experienced the presence of God, and his face shone with such reflected brilliance that the people could not look at him. The people, for their part, from a distance saw and heard the theophany, the lightening and the thunder. Today’s first reading tells us that this is no longer God’s approach to us. We are not to experience trembling and fear. Rather, God wants to enter a relationship of intimate friendship with us. We are in the presence of the heavenly Jerusalem. We have confidence because Jesus is our Mediator.

In today’s gospel reading from St. Mark we hear about an internship that Jesus provided for the twelve apostles.  He gave them a training period where they would learn by experience how to do the work for which they were chosen; the work of evangelization.  At this point in the public life of Jesus the apostles were still new to this work.  They had not yet learned everything that they would need to know in order to establish Christ’s church here on earth.  We hear several times later in the gospel story that the apostles did not yet recognize that God’s kingdom was a heavenly one, not an earthly kingdom.  During the passion Peter denied Jesus three times, Judas betrayed him, and most of the others simply ran away from the events of Christ’s suffering and death.  Yet these are the same men that Jesus chose as his apostles.  They are the ones for whom he provided this internship not  long after they had been chosen.  In order to help them during this internship, Jesus gave the apostles extraordinary powers.  St. Mark tells us that the apostles were able to drive out demons from those possessed and to cure people of various maladies after anointing them with oil.  These are awesome powers far beyond the capabilities of ordinary people

1-8I think that the mission of the twelve apostles demonstrates the trust and confidence that Jesus had in them.  They were not yet completely ready for the mission they would undertake when Jesus left this world.  But they were good men and completely loyal to Jesus.  They were ready to go and do as he did.  They were ready to learn from the experiences they would have.  And so Jesus sent them out two by two on this missionary journey or internship.  They returned much the better for their experiences.

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