St. Mary MacKillop

07 Aug

Mary MacKillopThere is a very real sense in which the Church is one huge family that stretches through history. We are all very different. The Church goes through different epochs and ages and yet there is this incredible bond between us all that leads back to Jesus. For us in a very special way in Australia, Mary MacKillop is that person. The route that she has carved out in her life; the faith by which she lived and the love that characterised her life are special for us as we live in Australia,

In the Hebrew Scriptures Abraham began his journey without a clear understanding of his goal except that he recognised the call of God in his life. He died not knowing how God’s vision would be realised. This is the life of faith. Mary MacKillop began to follow the call of God with similar uncertainty. And in the darkness of set-back and opposition she clung to the promise of God’s fidelity.

To live by faith is like taking a walk on a dark night. The stars or the street lights give some light but we need to go carefully.

Jesus responded to this challenge of faith by telling his friends not to live in fear. The vision of God’s kingdom, calling us on, will be our assurance.

Mary placed complete trust in her God through the love of the Sacred Heart. She knew what she needed to treasure and of what to let go. She encouraged others to rely on the gracious providence of God.

Mary MacKillop was pierced to the heart by the poverty and suffering that was all around her. Anybody who shared this awareness was encouraged to play a role in the healing, teaching and feeding ministry exemplified in Jesus.

Being Christian is about the care for one another in ordinary life, care of family, neighbourhood, or out into the wider society. Most of us will be the quiet unassuming presence of Jesus in our communities ready like yeast to bring about the transformation. Mary embraced the Cross of generous service to help and encourage others to reach out in love.

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